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Perfection Through Nutrition

Genetics Stamina has been formulated to help your body get fast access to a superior energy source to maximise your performance.

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Genetics Stamina was formulated with the main aim of replenishing the sweat that you excrete while exercising and replacing the energy you have burnt by restoring your glycogen levels. As you are sweating your body is losing key nutrients and electrolytes, which in turn result in you becoming fatigued and tired. Genetics Stamina is formulated with the same composition as your sweat, this helps your body replace the nutrients and electrolytes that you are losing so that you can continue to carry on at your peak performance.

Optimise Your Performance

Our expert team of scientists have been confined to the lab for many years, experimenting with different ingredients and pushing themselves to find the best formula’s to help you in all realms of your training and fitness life.

We at Genetics are a quality-driven, proudly South African Sports Nutrition brand, that strives to bring you only the best in sports supplements! Our Scientists have searched all over the globe to bring us the finest raw ingredients, to allow us to fully optimise your training, in whatever discipline you enjoy.

The company was founded on the basis of transparency between our valued clients and us. We believe in bringing you the best quality products at an unbeatable price.



As you are exercising you are burning energy, that either comes from the food that your body has converted into glycogen or if you do not have any available your body will burn fat or muscle.

Genetics Stamina is formulated to help give your body fast access to a superior energy source in order to maximise performance.

1.8kg Tub

R 500,00

How much to use?

How much to use?

Genetics Stamina is formulated to help gives your body fast access to a superior energy source in order to maximise performance.

Keeping this in mind the dosage becomes very important and we recommend athletes do a basic test to determine how much they should be consuming to help maximise their performance.

GENETICS STAMINA replaces the electrolytes that you lose and replenishes glycogen levels during your training. The recommended serving size varies for every athlete. Determine your replacement requirement by performing the following test:    

  • Weigh your self before training. 
  • Go for your normal training session without any fluids for an hour, at your usual intensity and 
  • Weigh yourself again after your training. 
  • The difference between the two weights will be the sweat that you lose during an hour of training on average. 


Perform this test a few times to get more accurate results.

From there you should adjust your serving size to be equal to the sweat that you lose. For example if your weight dropped by 800g in the hour, we recommend consuming 800ml of water mixed with 6%-8% of the GENETICS STAMINA per hour (i.e. for 800 ml x 8% = 64g for GENETICS STAMINA).

This is done to ensure that the OSMOLALITY of the product remains in an isotonic formula – whereby it replicates the body’s natural concentrations of nutrients and water. This helps ensure that you are replacing the key nutrients in the same quantities that you are losing them which helps your body stays balanced throughout your routine. Replacing less or more than you are excreting could change the equilibrium that your body is in, which will divert your body’s focus to either pull the nutrients from other less efficient sources or storing the excess nutrients that are not needed.